About Us

DHI was conceived and launched in the belief that everyone can learn. We believe that everyone deserves access to skill-building information, and that such information can bridge digital, economic and gender divides. It’s an open world, and the digital world is fast expanding.

Our passion is healthcare and was thus a natural place to start. We believe that health equity and universal health coverage begins with information. We know that information saves life. The information here will help you build, learn and use tools that provide life-saving information.

Our Philosophy

The global Digital Health Institute is a platform with a philosophy and an ethos: It is about fast tracking the ongoing digital health revolution and improving healthcare through a more informed and skilled workforce. The vision of DHI and its partners is to increase/optimize digital health awareness, knowledge and skills of people who design, develop and run healthcare delivery and management processes.

DHI offers stimulating online classes and Massive open online courses from the top minds in digital health. Online course from universities can also be taken here. Our MOOC Pointer also points to other online courses in the digital health space.

DHI is an initiative by ehealth4everyone which offers

  • Knowledge repository + Knowledgeable people
  • Community of learners structure by areas
  • Constantly updated library of courses and materials
  • The only platform dedicated to learning digital health
  • Convenience;
  • Accessibility
  • Affordable
  • Broad selection
  • High quality materials
  • Easy to use
  • Ease of course administration for trainers
  • Wide reach for trainers/educators